Comprehensive Business Insurance

Contractor - Business Insurance
As a business owner, working with a trustworthy insurance agency will definitely save you both time and money. At Illis Insurance Agency, LLC in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, our agents work with you to find a business insurance policy that's perfect for you. We offer all types of affordable packages for businesses of all sizes, including:
• Property & Casualty
• Workers' Compensation
• Disability
• Group Life
• Group Health
• Employment Practices
•  Professional Liability
•  Director's & officers
•  Management Liability

Detailed Services

Our office offers much more than simply selling you policies. Many agents quote to you whatever an insurance company gives them with little regard for the limitations of coverage and exclusions of coverage. I actually take the time to peruse the policy language and request the elimination of as many exclusions and limitations as possible to maximize your insurance dollar and broaden your coverage, most often without any additional premium. I also like to meet my clients and go over your policies with you to help you understand what you are buying.

Insurance Programs

We offer specialized insurance programs for bowling centers, restaurants, and contractors. These programs are designed to capture the most common risks in your business. They provide lower premiums and include an underwriter who understands your business.

Contact us at (888) 481-9369 in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, for specialized business insurance policies.